Sean Wilkinson
Sean Wilkinson

Graphic & Web Designer

Sean is a Multidisciplinary Graphic and Web Designer.

With a BSc in Physics and an MA in Film, Sean brings a unique perspective to his design work. Creating graphics and websites that merge both the technical and creative disciplines he trained in.

Bespoke Service Catered Towards Your Needs

As a Graphic Designer, Sean has a deep knowledge and expertise in all major software packages in the Adobe Creative Suite. He specialises in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, the industry standard for graphic designers, but also has a great working knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Fireworks and Audition. This technical knowledge is combined with a keen aesthetic eye and an understanding of fundamental graphic design principles.

As a Web Designer, Sean has a wealth of experience developing websites with content management systems such as WordPress. This is coupled with a fluency in both front-end programming languages such as HTML, CSS & Javascript and back-end programming languages such as Python, Ruby on Rails and MySQL. This allows Sean to take a Holistic approach to website creation, choosing his workflow dependent on the client's needs.

With Sean's diverse skillset, he is able to accomplish outcomes that will satisfy any client. His approach to a project is dependent upon what it entails but a generic outline can be seen below.
Graphic Design
Initially, Sean will make preliminary designs based off of discussions with the client about the specifications of the Graphic Design Project. After he has received feedback he will then make any necessary changes and then work on the project. He will stay in regular contact with the client getting their feedback when necessary.
Web Design
After initial discussions, Sean will write out a project plan outlining his recommendations based on the clients project. Once he has received feedback from the client he will proceed with the project, keeping the client informed with his progress.
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